About Us

The Level Green Community Woman’s Club is for women age 18 and over, with an interest in serving the needs of and enhancing our community through volunteer service.

The Community Women's Club of Level Green was organized April 22, 1970, federated August 11, 1970 and non-federated in 2002.

Our mission is to encourage our members to become interested, involved citizens of the community by engaging in charitable activities that benefit the community as a whole. Our club has many outreaches that allow our members to utilize their time, talent and passion to make our communities vibrant and thriving places to live. The Club offers the following areas of interest: Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life and Public Issues.

Of course, not all support can be measured in monetary terms. Every member is also encouraged to actively support one or more of our programs with their time and talents.

  • Conduct Safety Town course for kindergarten children
  • Conduct Christmas tree recyling program
  • Help families in need
  • Organize various social events
  • Coordinate craft nights
  • Award scholarships to two deserving Penn Trafford seniors
  • Support beautification of Level Green Community Buiding
  • Sponsor Light-Up Night with Level Green Lions and Level Green Fire Department
  • Coordinate Fall Food Drive
  • Participate in Adopt-a-Road

Meet the Board - 2021-2022

Eileen Buck - President
Meghan Lenart and Lisa Lotito - Vice Presidents
Beth Berardino - Recording Secretary
Reena Goldberg - Corresponding Secretary
Bev Yakubisin - Treasurer

Projects & Philathropies

  • 1
    Educate members and others about the importance of active citizenship, and encourage participation in related activities. Educate members and others about community, home and safety issues, and encourage citizen action on these issues. Projects reducing drug abuse, fostering civic involvement, and increasing safety for all Americans.
  • 2
    Introduce members and communities to organizations that improve the lives of those in need. Educate members and others about topics that need addressed. Educate members and others about problems affecting women, and encourage women to adopt proven methods for optimizing their own physical health and quality of life. Projects providing education on financial, health and substance abuse issues.
  • 3
    Other areas where members are involved: conservation, scholarship awards, fall festival, light up night, fundraising events.